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Orthopedic Surgery Videos

Click through the parts of the body shown below and choose the injury that you are currently coping with to activate an in-depth video guide to your condition. You can learn about causes, treatments, and much more information so that you can properly deal with your orthopedic injury!

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What are the Differences Between Prolotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, and PRP?

Metaphors are a great way to help make sense of many ideas. In the spirit of metaphorical explanations, we at Meier Orthopedic Sports Medicine (MOSM) in Beverly Hills tried to sum up the differences among some of the pillars of regenerative medicine – stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP),...

If Laird Hamilton Can Do It, So Can You…But Would You Want To?

Why would someone want to be awake during hip replacement surgery? Is that right up there with using hypnosis instead of anesthesia? Or has hip replacement surgery come so far, it’s as easy as getting your teeth cleaned? You might be surprised to hear that it’s not at all uncommon. Laird Hamilto...


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