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Orthopedic Surgery Patient Reviews

Captain Robert W.

Lancaster, California
(Quadriceps Tendon Rupture)

“I ruptured the quadricep tendon of my knee in the peak of fire season. I was initially misdiagnosed at the first urgent care facility out of state but then when I came to California and found Dr. Meier, he diagnosed me right away and we scheduled the surgical repair. The rehabilitation was rigorous but I got back to flying fire-fighting aircraft in 6 months. The pedals in these planes have a lot of resistance and require putting a lot of strain on the legs. Fortunately, thanks to Dr. Meier’s handiwork, the repair was very strong and I was able to clear the reinstatement flight test and return back to flying in record time after this severe injury.

Thanks, Dr. Meier, for putting my knee back together. And you have the best bedside manner of any physician that I have met!

Darren C.

Newport Bearch, California
(Shoulder Instability)

“I have been Dr. Meier’s patient for a number years and he is truly the greatest at what he does. Being a young and active teenager, I have had a myriad of injuries in the past. I play football, basketball, and I swim for my high school. The main injury I have had to endure consists of chronic shoulder dislocations in both my right and left shoulder; 3 on each shoulder. With the amazing work that Dr. Meier did to my shoulders, I have been able to get back to my regular active and athletic activities, and felt better and stronger than before.

In addition, seeing that I want to pursue my dreams in the medical field, specifically becoming a surgeon, I have followed in Dr. Meier’s shadows by observing various orthopedic surgeries, and it has truly been an amazing experience seeing what he does to patients; changing their lives so they can continue living their regular, daily lives. He definitely ensures the optimal quality he can to all his patients, whether they be professional athletes or ordinary people.‿

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with my first visit and
the physical therapist doctor you recommended.
Great experience. Thank you!‿
- Chris S. (testimonial from Facebook)

Hiroyuki T.

Osaka, Japan
(Broken Clavicle in Shoulder)

“I broke my clavicle bone goofing off and skateboarding in an empty pool in California just before a series of surf competitions in Hawaii. The first doctor I saw just gave me a sling and didn’t want to do anything. Another surfer recommended Dr. Meier and told me he is the best. I saw Dr. Meier and he discussed the options with me. I decided to have the surgery with him and I am very grateful because I am able to return to competition much sooner. My shoulder is perfect now!

Fernando B.

Madrid, Spain
(Knee Cartilage Injury)

I suffered cartilage damage from a severe knee injury. My local doctor told me I would need to stop my activity and would probably need a knee replacement soon. I then saw Dr. Meier and we discussed all possible treatments. I underwent cartilage regeneration surgery with Dr. Meier and because of this have been able to return to my sport with no restriction. Dr. Meier saved my career!

Mark Handler

Beverly Hills
(Orthovisc Knee Injections)

I continue to be amazed at my positive results from the Orthovisc treatment that you performed. I am a 62 year old man who has had three knee operations and a long history of arthritis. I have now had a series of Orthovisc injections in my right knee twice in the last two years and feel better than I have in years. I am also more active.

I love to ski and historically would not be physically able to ski for more than three or four days a winter. Last season I skied twenty days with considerably less discomfort. This winter I actually feel better and have skied most days during the past three weeks.

Ahmed S.

Cairo, Egypt
(Shoulder Instability)

I used to suffer from painful shoulder dislocations and had to avoid a lot of activities that made my shoulder unstable. Dr. Meier performed all- arthroscopic surgery on me and now my shoulder is great. I work out regularly, play squash and ski. I do almost everything I want to do. Thank you very much…you changed my life!

I suffered from recurrent shoulder dislocation for more than 14 years. My first dislocated was in 1990 during a national Judo tournament. I was very athletic and the dislocation changed my life. My right should became very unstable and I was not able to do any sports. I visited several physician and everyone one of them said the same that even if I did the operation I will not be able to resume my normal athletic life because they expect a sever limitation in movement so basically I decided not to go through the operation and lost all hope of having a normal active life again. In 2004, Dr. Meier was visiting Egypt and decided to take him opinion, to me it was another regular checkup. Honestly I had no hope. During the checkup Dr. Meier said that can fix it and that I will be able to be as active as I used. Almost 6 years later, my shoulder is very stable, does not have limitations, I work out, do squash, and play soccer. That surgery really changed my life. It did not end here, even though we live miles away, Dr. Meier kept check up on me by email and phone and made sure that my shoulder is stable and monitored any side effect I might have. Almost a year ago, I found out that my surgery was very complicated and that it’s currently being referenced and studied in our local medical schools.

Jason D.

Long Beach, CA
(Rotator Cuff Tear of Shoulder)

I am a 43 year old who has been heavily involved in sports and an active lifestyle. I am a former Mr. New Mexico and finished third in the Ironman. I attended college with a premed focus, and worked as a Physical Therapy Aide, as well as an ATC with the (then) Los Angeles Rams. In my experience, it seemed shoulder surgeries almost always sent the athletes back for more surgery, only to have continued problems with the joint for life.

I failed to realize I was getting older, and while jumping over a small wall at work, I injured my shoulder. Six months of misdiagnoses and physical therapy went by with no change whatsoever. I couldn’t work out, ride a bike, and could barely get through work…just pulling the car door shut was excruciating.

Then I was sent to Dr. Meier…

After talking to me for about 5 minutes, Dr. Meier had a plan of action and told me what he thought was wrong. I was sent for an MRI, which showed no abnormalities except for fraying of the biceps tendon. Dr. Meier was confident though, explaining to me that MRIs don’t always tell the whole story and he convinced me to have surgery anyway.

He was absolutely correct in his initial diagnosis. What was the most impressive was that Dr. Meier took my lifestyle into account during surgery, thinking on his feet and changing the standard repairs to ones that would fit my needs better. He also fixed everything, saying that while the rehab may be longer, the repair will also last longer.

His teaching and travel keep him up to date on the latest information, and he uses this combined with patient feedback to personalize the surgery to fit the patient’s needs and limitations.

If I ever need surgery again, I would absolutely go to Dr. Meier for the repair….I can’t afford someone making a mistake or doing the ‘standard’ repair. I want the best repair, tailored to me, from the best doctor.

I am confident that I would not have had such success without Dr, Meier, I recommend him without reservation.

Dave Haddad


I am professional drummer and after many years of playing, I developed a calcium build up on my left shoulder. After a particularly busy season I severely aggravated the problem and it needed medical attention. Seeking to find the utmost qualified surgeon because of the delicacy of the injury and importance to my career, my manager dug deep and found Steven Meier, a world renowned surgeon who specialized in shoulders and sports injuries.

I was immediately put at ease with our first visit and had full confidence that Dr. Meier was capable of pulling this off and that I would be able to play again soon. After the initial diagnosis, under the recommendation of Dr. Meier, since I had a few weeks between tours and there being recovery time involved, we decided this was a good time to have the procedure done. Dr. Meier made time that week and the surgery was done within days.

The plan was to performed arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder and remove a calcium deposit which was inflamed inhibiting normal function of my left arm. Once Dr. Meier removed the calcium deposit (telling me later it was the largest he had ever seen), my tendon (Supraspinatus) was no longer attached to my shoulder bone. He then had to basically drill a hole in my shoulder bone, screw in an anchor then suture the torn tendon to the anchor which is effectively a rotator cuff repair.

Post-op. Dr. Meier characterized my injury as a medium rotator cuff tear. He informed me in pre-op visits that there would be some tendon repair necessary after removal of the calcium so the extra procedures and extended recovery time was not a surprise. Turns out that going into the surgery Dr. Meier didn’t expect that much damage, total repair is not common but sometimes happens in bad cases. Dr. Meier was able to successfully repair and rebuild the area and the surgery was a complete success.

At the writing of this testimonial, I am just beyond 7 months post op. and I am doing great. I took 4 months off from performing to recover after the surgery (gave myself an extra month because I was actually ready after 3) and now I am back on stage sounding as good as ever. I did extensive physical Therapy, three days a week for 5 months. Since coming back 3 months ago I have played concerts in Europe, Canada and the United States. I feel great on and off stage and play drums at the highest level without any pain! Dr. Meier’s mad skills at surgery not only fixed the problem in my shoulder but pains I was having in my left elbow, wrist and hands are gone too. My overall experience was overwhelmingly positive. The kindness of his staff is top notch; they were extremely attentive to all of my sometimes obsessive needs and kept the confidentiality and sensitive nature of the entertainment business in mind. The entire process was positive and the care given exceeded my expectations.

Video Testimonials


A former patient talks about her successful shoulder hemicap arthroplasty with Dr. Meier.


A young patient's testimonial of Steven W. Meier, MD, the Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon that performed his cartilage regeneration procedure.


Clay had dual knee surgeries performed by Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon Steven W. Meier, MD.


This is a video testimonial for a patient named Nicholas who needed arthroscopy shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and torn biceps.


This is a video testimonial from a patient just one month after arthroscopic shoulder decompression surgery to repair shoulder impingement.


One of our patients explains his pectoral tendon injury and how our Dr. Meier repaired it through arthroscopic surgery.


Sean came to Dr. Meier to repair his ACL after tearing it in a snowboarding accident.

From Patient Satisfaction Surveys

"The staff was all about fitting me in ASAP. It was exactly what I needed for my physical as well as emotional state."

"The staff is super friendly, just on top of what I needed at the time and setting up what I needed for the future."

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Orthopedic Surgery Patient Reviews

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The internal medicine physician was completely happy with his billing, so I and our nurse met with Mr. Millstein. Within the hour of our meeting, he was able to navigate throughout the systems with no problem. Many questions were asked of him and he answered the questions to our satisfaction. We discussed in depth, the importance of what the Physician was expecting from out sourcing his billing. Adam Millstein himself was very personable, understanding of our needs and goals, and had that essential characteristic about him, which we felt very comfortable with. I, as the office manager, felt we had made a wise choice and knew that there was nothing to be concerned about.

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