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The 5 Most Painful Hip Conditions

Like everything in life, pain tends to be relative. A condition or injury that proves excruciating or debilitating for one person may present mild to moderate symptoms in another. For people suffering from hip pain, which is one of the largest and more complex joints, the location and intensity of the pain depends on a Continue Reading >>

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help in Treating Orthopedic Injuries?

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic back and joint pain. From disrupting physical routines and the ability to exercise and participate in sports, to interfering with work and everyday activities, living with pain can have a profound impact on a person’s health and quality of life. Although traditional treatment methods like physical therapy, medication, and Continue Reading >>

Good Morning America Anchor Undergoes Total Hip Replacement Surgery

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), more than 2.5 million Americans had undergone some form of hip replacement surgery by 2014. Although traditionally associated with older adults aged 65 and older, the number of younger adults undergoing hip arthroscopy has been increasing in recent years. Statistics show that as many as 10% Continue Reading >>

When Should You Consider Hip Surgery?

The decision to undergo any surgical procedure can be overwhelming. Although many orthopedic problems can be managed with conservative treatments like physical therapy, medication, and regenerative medicine injections like prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP), surgical hip treatment is sometimes necessary to repair severe breaks, tears, or extensive joint damage. Hip arthroscopy is a minimally Continue Reading >>

Stem Cell Treatments and Regenerative Medicine – Then and Now

Some people believe that stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine are new or emerging treatments. And while research on the benefits of mesenchymal stem cells and prolotherapy is constantly gaining new ground, the truth is that medical professionals have been working with stem cells for decades. And while medical procedures like organ transplants are considered Continue Reading >>

Hip Pain or Bursitis? What You Need to Know

Similar to the discs in the spine, the hips and other joints throughout the body are supported by small fluid filled sacs known as bursa. The bursa act as shock absorbers to prevent friction, and allow the joints to glide smoothly without causing pain during movement. Bursitis results when the bursa become inflamed. Signs and Continue Reading >>

Treating Golfer’s Elbow with Prolotherapy

It’s one of the greatest conundrums for professional and recreational athletes and sports enthusiasts alike – the more you play and practice, the better your game gets. But the more you play and practice, the greater the likelihood of suffering from a repetitive motion injury or strain. Depending on the activity, the risk for ruptures Continue Reading >>

What You Need to Know About PRP Treatments and Knee Surgery

Even with the advent of arthroscopic knee surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that has significantly reduced the potential side effects and recovery time associated with traditional “open” knee surgery, the decision to undergo any surgical procedure, even a less invasive one, can give many patients pause. Some of the most common questions and concerns before Continue Reading >>


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